Freelancing has been all about little wins and today I learned that I was listed on the CloudPeeps top freelance public relations professionals page. Being listed as one of five top PR freelance professionals is absolutely insane. If you would have told me that the leap I made nine months ago would have landed me here, I wouldn’t have believed it. I am so excited for what my freelancing future may hold and I want to help others make the leap as well.

Freelancing is the biggest risk that I’ve ever taken and definitely one that has paid off…so far. Thinking about how deeply unhappy I was at my old job and acknowledging that crying on my way home from work everyday was not the way I wanted to live my life. I recognized that and had the courage to make the change. It’s funny because I don’t peg myself as a courageous person, this was something out of character for me.

I was always the person to have a plan and a back up plan and a sub back up plan. But with freelancing it was not planned. It was a wave of impulse that I decided I just had to ride on. Things seemed to line up okay and I decided that it looked like a good enough escape route. I didn’t have a map or a person to guide me, but what I did have was the faith that it would all work out okay.

It was difficult to go home and tell my parents that I was quitting my job to focus on freelance full-time. I believe my first four words when sitting them down were, “Do you trust me?” Wow, such a loaded question for them because of course they wanted to trust their usually sensible daughter who was about to make an unsensible decision. But man, what a position I put them in. Once again, this was funny to me because I don’t always even trust myself or my decisions. I’m usually the person who makes a list or two, changes her mind 30 times and waivers on nearly every decision, even simple ones. So why was I so sure about this?  And the only true answer that I could pull was because I was sick and tired of following a path I knew was not for me and didn’t make me happy.

Which begs me to wonder why more people who are unhappy with their jobs or career actively do something to change it. Why stay in something if you are miserable? Why cry on your way home from work everyday? Why do you need a vacation from your work when work is supposed to be what we have a passion for? Why do you have trouble dragging yourself out of bed in the morning to get to the office? Why do you unwind with a glass of red wine after your third stressful day of work in a row? Why do you spend most of your time on Earth doing anything you aren’t passionate about? That’s not truly living at all and I dare you to take the leap to change it.

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